Marcus Standifer

Raymond Standifer AKA (ONE INTERNATIONAL) introduces to the international audience, the hit single ”RIDIN 26’S FOR THE LORD”. The hit song is about how God will bless you when we come out of the world’s way of doing things. God wants us to be like Him, He wants us to have nice things so people can see how good our God is! One International is RIDIN FOR GOD ALL THE WAY!
 Also the song ”LIKE ME” is about being like God and loving Him and doing the will of the Father.
One International grew up in a world without a father, a mother on drugs, and all he had was the streets. He watched his dad get murdered when he was young. One International lived from house to house, state to state. All he had was his name and his music. One International was lost  and without God;  joined a Gang, pimped women, and started selling drugs and did not believe in Jesus.
One International told himself that if Jesus was real, he would need to show him that there was a better life style.   In the past One International has worked with song writer Damien aka D-love of Diamond Kut Entertainment, Inc. (Producer of LL COOL J, 2PAC) and other various artists. One International has also recorded and produced a new theme and hit song for “The Ohio State Buckeyes” called the “BUCKSLIDE”. One International has had major hits featured on 107.5 radio station in Columbus, Ohio that includes the hit: “High School Anthem” and “Dickies”. Also released a hit song called “80’s Back” for a sound track in a movie called “Tune Up”.
One International met with his old friend (Red) and formed the Hit group: “One and Red” and released their first Album “Gotta Get It”, which caught the ear of Cirocco Jones, who then published his name in one of the top music book sellers: “The Music Powers That Be”. One International then opened up for major artists such as “Tech n9ne” and “Ray Cash”. One International also wrote the theme music for “All City
Blazing Night Show” for power 107.5 Radio Station in Columbus, Ohio.   One International’s brother later introduced him to a man of God that helped him with struggles of everyday life. This man of God ministered to One International, and led him to the Lord. The Holy Ghost filled One International and he felt the power and fire of God in his belly! A feeling that he had never felt before. One International began to cry and he knew that Jesus was real and tangible. One International cried for joy, the pain that troubled him and the love for his past life was no longer there. One International realized that music was not created for himself, nor was music to be all about him, but was created for God. God allowed One  International to see what He had put in Him was to be an instrument to witness to others about Jesus. One International has a charismatic> spirit and a positive attitude which reaches out to all ages and creed of people. He is very versatile and has a wide range of motion as far as his artistic abilities! He is creative and has a unique style of music that would change the music industry. As an artist and song writer, he performs with passion and energy that will change a culture and destiny! Raymond (One International) realized his true gift was to exercise his God given talent and ability to influence and bridge people together of all ages.
Today, With One International’s newest hit singles ”RIDIN 26’S  FOR THE LORD” and “LIKE ME”, he was recently on the Dorinda Clark Coles television program (TCT SHOW) and has had his testimony featured on “Breakthrough” with Pastor Rod Parsley from World Harvest Church in Columbus Ohio.  “Breakthrough” television program introduced the hit song ”RIDIN 26’S FOR THE LORD” to the world! Rod Parsley’s Breakthrough television program has a target audience of 97% of the world. One International said, “Rod Parsley told me “God is going to take you places that you only dreamed about going, and everything you touch would be blessed and so are you.” One International adds, “These words touched my heart. I came back home and told my mother and step dad. It gets deeper with distance and the word of God does not return void.
After much prayer, God gave me kindred and covenant relationships that encouraged my gift and calling for anointed music.God spoke to my heart to serve at the Hope Centers in the inner city witnessing to the lost that Jesus is real and would change your life It’s not what you wear to church or what you sing. It’s about having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. I know that I am a  sign and wonder that will change a destiny of a renaissance generation for the glory of God. One International adds, “God told me if you give me your gift back, watch what I can do if you trust me. So I did, and God not only blessed me, but He let my music be heard around the world  through television with Pastor Rod Parsley and every channel that Pastor Parsley’s program is on.  Not only that, God is giving me a national platform, and allowed me to be on T.B.N. to open up for Dianna Degermo; (runner up on America Idol)  and allowed me to do an event with Tony Dungy (who> coaches NFL team.) for Pro Dads.
I have been saved now for a year and a half. I said, if this Jesus could really save me then I want to be saved and I want to be a better person. If you truly trust in God he will open up all the doors your heart is set on. I came from what I thought was nothing, and now God is moving in my life and taking me places that I could ever dream of!”